Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sorry, I know it's been awhile and you are waiting to see the final results. Well, I still don't have them! I have spent the last two weeks slowly moving things into the new room. It's been hard and I've had to move things more than once or twice. I would bring something in, go through it, organize, and drop it in a drawer, only to realize I wanted that drawer for something else!

I also realized that I really hated those little open spaces at the end of my cabinets, so YEP, went and bought even more cubes! Once again, the amazing people at Michael's gave me a discount on top of the 40% off.

My husband and I were talking one morning, about the fact that we will have a lot of formica left over, when the lightbulb went off in my head! I asked him what he thought about building me a desk/table to work on, and using the formica to cover the work surface. Well, he jumped at that. We ran to Home Depot where we got fancy shaped legs, and some more plywood, and by the next day I had a table built!

Right now it's upside down on the floor because he is painting the legs white for me, but pictures will be coming soon.

As of now, the room has been at a standstill. We are waiting for help in putting the formica down. I still can't move my paper in because it will just get in their way, also, I have about 10 cubes in my bedroom waiting to be moved into position, and filled.

Still have a long way to go. My daughter is coming in from New Mexico for a visit on June 16, that's two weeks from now, and I am determined to have the room together for her to see!