Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sorry, I know it's been awhile and you are waiting to see the final results. Well, I still don't have them! I have spent the last two weeks slowly moving things into the new room. It's been hard and I've had to move things more than once or twice. I would bring something in, go through it, organize, and drop it in a drawer, only to realize I wanted that drawer for something else!

I also realized that I really hated those little open spaces at the end of my cabinets, so YEP, went and bought even more cubes! Once again, the amazing people at Michael's gave me a discount on top of the 40% off.

My husband and I were talking one morning, about the fact that we will have a lot of formica left over, when the lightbulb went off in my head! I asked him what he thought about building me a desk/table to work on, and using the formica to cover the work surface. Well, he jumped at that. We ran to Home Depot where we got fancy shaped legs, and some more plywood, and by the next day I had a table built!

Right now it's upside down on the floor because he is painting the legs white for me, but pictures will be coming soon.

As of now, the room has been at a standstill. We are waiting for help in putting the formica down. I still can't move my paper in because it will just get in their way, also, I have about 10 cubes in my bedroom waiting to be moved into position, and filled.

Still have a long way to go. My daughter is coming in from New Mexico for a visit on June 16, that's two weeks from now, and I am determined to have the room together for her to see!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting there!

It's so close, but not complete yet! My husband has finished making the counter around the room.

I'm a little upset that we had to change it up somewhat. That's what happens when you make plans! That little bump in the floor is making him very nervous, so we moved the entire paper cabinet over about 18 inches. By doing that I lost my corner to sit in to work on the cricut.

While placing the Jetmax cubes where I thought they would go, I noticed a few things looking off. Now that I lost my cricut corner, the opposite end of that wall had a corner to sit and work on the printer, but it looked off center to me, so I decided to close that one up also.

Now the two large open spaces in the corners are gone, replaced by just a little opening, something I have to figure out over time, but meanwhile, I now was able to add 4 more cubes!

I moved my cubes around on the window wall so I had 2 on each side, making my area to sit and sew, just a little smaller.

All in all I'm happy with the placement of the cubes right now.

I now have a total of 34 Jetmax Cubes in my room!

My plastic paper holders came from Display Dynamics. I ordered 40 of them, 7 were broken or cracked. They wanted pictures of them as proof, which I found a little funny because really, have you ever tried to take a picture of a clear plastic thing?

I did it though, and am waiting for replacements. They also did not honor the price they quoted me on Facebook, so I am waiting for them to adjust that. I know I will love my plastic shelves, but dealing with them was a little tough. Emails went unanswered, and I had to push them to get any information, including the fact that they charged my credit card and took a very long time to get me the receipt.

Best of all, my window treatment arrived! I am going to hold off on pictures of it, (hint: if you study today's pictures you might just see a sneak peak) just remember that I do not like the view out the one window in this room. It's of the side of my neighbor's very dirty house, and decaying pool and yard.

I am slowly bringing things in, I know I will change my mind a dozen times before I settle on exactly where everything will be located.

Monday the formica arrives!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's New.

Hope your mother's day was a blast. Mine was the best! I got beautiful cards from my girls, my husband, and my future son-in-law even sent me a card! Made me cry! My gifts were perfect! DD#1 bought me a beautiful bouquet, and a box filled with beautiful scrap supplies! One thing was nicer than the next. It made me feel so good that she picked all this stuff out just for me, with thought, since she told me why she made certain purchases. I can't wait to visit her and check out this store. DD#2, she did a virtual bouquet online, then printed it in the lab she works in, had it framed, and shipped to me. On the bouquet is a beautiful note that tells how happy she is that I am taking her room for a scrap room, and that I deserve it, and that these flowers can hang on the wall forever and never die (I am paraphrasing here because I'm too lazy to get up and read what it actually says, lol) She made the bouquet in the colors of my room. It's DH's gift that meant the most. Three days of scrapping! LOL It started Friday afternoon, and I scrapped right up till the moment we left for dinner on Sunday. I actually had to convince him to go golfing on Sunday morning so I wouldn't feel guilty scrapping, and when I came downstairs for breakfast there was a beautiful floral piece sitting on the kitchen table for me. After dinner I came home and scrapped some more. I do love A Cherry On Top's weekend crops. I got a lot accomplished. I sat here scrapping and he worked in my room! He did little things, like touch ups, put moulding down, worked on my counters. We both made a lot of progress this last weekend!

Here is what I did all weekend....

Friday, May 6, 2011

NSD Crop at ACOT

Well I am taking the weekend off from working in my room. I had thought I could set my desk up in there and scrap, but my husband would like to continue doing the counter and I will just be in the way.

This is the point we are up to now...

The Jetmax cubes are not staying where you see them, they are just there for support and a measurement for the counter top height.

I am heading over to A Cherry On Top for their National Scrapbook Day weekend crop. For those that have never done it, it is wonderful! It's filled with games, and trivia, challenges and fast scraps, classes and some wonderful people. I get a lot done at these weekends, as long as I focus on the challenges! It gets my creative juices flowing and I try things I never would have thought of.

Have a wonderful mother's day, may your wishes come true.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"The Best Laid Plans....

of Mice and Men, often go astray". Which in my case means, no matter how carefully you plan the perfect scrap room, something can go wrong and there better be a Plan B. Of which I don't have one, YET!

For some reason my husband was standing in my room this morning looking and thinking. Very dangerous for me!

It seems he does not like the way I have the counters laid out. Not really that he has a problem with the counters, but with the floor, and the little problem we had, which we ignored.

Let me explain, when we ripped up the carpet in the room, we saw that one small area, right by the bedroom door, along the wall next to the door, was sunken. Not a problem, my husband researched it, got cement and started to build it up to meet the higher part. Not a problem so we thought. While doing that, he actually realized, the floor didn't sink, the part in front of the door came up, no amount of nails, screws, hamering or pounding would bring it down, which means the beams under the floor have warped to push it up like that. We are talking about an inch, maybe less.

Back to the cement, he leveled it out best he could, and when we laid the floor we put shims under it and gradually made it meet. It is a little soft under that part, but really, no one would ever step in that area.

Unfortunately, this is also the area where one part of my paper tower rests. Which brings us back to this morning, and my husband staring at my room. He does not think it's wise to put the paper tower there, we all know how heavy paper and books are, so we all know that basically, he's right. Unfortunately, that means I now lose my corner sitting area to work on the Cricut, my television will no longer be centered on the wall across from me, and I now have a "dead" corner, where nothing can be put, nor reached if I do put something there.

All of this is not a major problem, just a little blip on the plans that have to be changed, and they will, because better to have an off centered television than a crack in the floor!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


YAY! My floor is in! It warms the room up so much. Not heat wise, but in the feeling when I walk into it. I'm getting even more excited now that I am seeing my vision come to life.

I went with a wood look laminate finish by Mohawk. My husband and I put it down together. It was much easier to do then when we put the wood floor in downstairs. These pieces are about 6 inches by 4 foot and they kind of just click together!

We didn't waste any pieces and even had one box left over!

As soon as the floor was down my husband couldn't wait to start building the counter top. He got some brace pieces up, and we moved some cubes in, just to see how they look!

Meanwhile I am plugging away at organizing as much as I can so I can move in and start scrapping!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little of this...A little of that

I have not stopped working on this room, it's a nonstop adventure! My husband thought it would be a good idea to move the Memory Making Embellishment Centers into the new room while there was nothing obstructing us. Only problem was, they were loaded to the gills! So in the midst of this mess, I started to take things down...

As with everything involving this room, it wasn't just a matter of removing the embellishments, it meant taking things off the shelf above it so that could be removed! Due to my husband's fear of things falling off the wall, he used the embellishment centers as a brace underneath the shelves that held my paper and books.

Now that meant I had to empty the shelves also! We are not talking about much room up here!!

At first it was an overwhelming feeling, where do you start? I just sat and stared for quite some time. Eventually I got up and moved, started by boxing the ribbon, then the embellishments, then realized, I might as well just leave the flowers around my desk so I can see what I have when it's time to put it all back.

Then I put all the paper from one shelf on the floor, when the center was taken down, I just moved the stuff from the other shelf onto it. Problem now was just what my husband thought, the shelves were starting to sag!

Meanwhile he decided to start putting together the paper storage unit he is building. While he did that I thought, why not save time and start organizing cardstock.

I guess you can imagine that disaster. Is it red or pink, is it blue or green, or maybe grey. How about orange, yellow, gold or even brown? Worst of all is WHITE! Is it white, or is it cream?

It took two days, but I cleaned it up, stored it back in the Cropper Hopper Holders, with scraps in the small ones with labels on front telling me what color is inside.

While concentrating on what color is what my husband decided to put up the embellishment centers. Now I know that two hangers on the back of an item can make it stronger, but do you know how hard it is to get that up on the wall, times three! Increase the problem by making the hooks on the back different on each one, including different heights on the same center! Paper had to wait as the two of us spend the next two hours attempting to get them up, centered, and level!

The end result was a little off center, but really, I'm just relieved to have it done!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things are Happening!

Whew, things are happening at a nice speed now. Problem is I have too much on my mind! My daughter threw a monkey wrench into my life by telling me she is coming home to work on her wedding in June instead of August like I had thought. This means I have a lot on my plate, but I have a determined husband, and a big mess here, so I am continuing with the room.

Today we designed the unit to hold my paper. I had actually already designed it, so today we ran the numbers, figured the wood, the cuts, everything. Then headed out to Home Depot where a very patient young man spent quite some time making all the cuts we needed.

Next step is painting it.

The floor was ordered this morning. We went with a laminate meant to hold up under wheeling back and forth (me in my new chair).

This evening a friend came by to discuss the formica countertop. The decision was that my husband will actually build the countertop out of plywood, and then the two of then will cover it with formica. Sounds complicated to me, but he said it would be easy, and less costly this way. Besides, it's not a kitchen, it's my scraprooom, upstairs in my house, where except for pictures online, I will be the only person in the room, ever!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving Along

Happy Easter/Happy Passover, we celebrate both here, to some extent.

I think I've solved the chair issue. Although I still can't find one in white I am going to order this one from

Don't get nervous, not in that print! They actually have a nice shade of pink and they even sent me a sample of it!

For the years I have been planning this room, paper storage has been my main issue! I hate the way I have it now, I ruin pages and find it hard and heavy to lift it. My patterned paper is lying flat in the Jetmax Paper Cubes from Michaels. My cardstock is in the plastic holders from Cropper Hopper. The plastic storage does not stand upright for me and keeps falling over. The cube holds so much paper in one section I spend an hour just looking for something.

In my research I had come across Amanda's Scraproom many times...

In her room Amanda says her dad made her paper storage, which sent my mind reeling.

Finally I came across Display Dynamics, What a great site! They have paper storage systems, shelves, anything you can think of!

I decided to order just the stackable shelves, forty of them, they come in cartons of 10 each. My husband will then build a cabinet around it, which of course, I have already designed!

I signed up on Display Dynamics Facebook page and was thrilled to see how responsive they were to questions from customers. After questioning them, they gave me a great buy on the 4 cartons I am ordering, and also some drawer dividers. They were very helpful and I hope to do business with them in the future!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hours of research and agonizing over which chair to order. Finally decided on the Rooms To Go chair for 149.99. Typing in all my information, agreeing to a very weird delivery schedule, get to page three, where they figure in the delivery charges and taxes. Are you ready for this....$249.99 delivery and set-up! For a chair!! Taxes are then another 35.50. For a grand total of $435.50!! FOR A PLAIN WOOD CHAIR! Needless to say, it's back to the drawing board for me!

Googling my Fingers Off

Wow, I am spending more time on the computer, than working on my room. Good thing I have this amazing husband who is painting for me!

I had decided that I wanted the room a nice deep grass green. Then I would decorate with pink and purple. Make it look like a garden. Also, since the room was originally green, the younger daughter's favorite color, I would keep it in a color she liked and add her older sister's favorite color, purple.

I picked out what I thought was a nice deep green. My husband started to paint and the first thing I noticed was that my daughter's room was not really green before!

(color in picture is a little off)

Her paint was custom made to match her wallpaper and bedding, and for years we said she had a green room, but now I was really making it green!

When the first coat dried, it was a little bit startling at first, but I liked it. My husband on the other hand, did not!

Even though he will never step foot in this room, I decided to go a little darker. Off to Home Depot, where the young man there added something to the paint and made it a shade darker. Which takes us to now, with my husband upstairs painting the room a darker shade on the second coat.

Back to Google and what I have been doing for the last two days! RESEARCHING desks, chairs, paper storage and my last important thing, something for my window.

I saved so many pictures of scraprooms I liked and a lot of them had some beautiful desks in them.

While researching I knew I wanted something in white, and something with nice legs. I found these two desks at Pottery Barn Teens.

Loved them both! Unfortunately, at around $400 each for a 4ft x 2ft desk, I couldn't bring myself to ordering one of them. After talking with my husband a light bulb went off in my head. I had asked him if we saved my old kitchen table, I liked the shape of it, and maybe he could just add legs. We didn't save it. That's when I decided to do a search on kitchen tables, and came up with this one that I ordered from Walmart!

It got a lot of rave reviews, and a lot of people actually used it in Craft Rooms.

Next the search was on for the perfect chair. Do you know they do not make many white office chairs? I found one by, Kathy Ireland, again another item at $400.00 I thought it was a little too much, besides the color of the material was all wrong. Then I found these on Pottery Barn Teens.

These chairs are all around $300.00, not sure they look all that comfortable for the amount of time I will be spending in it!

Somehow I landed on Rooms To Go Kids and found these chairs. The first one, I only paid attention to because it was called the Hannah Montana chair, and I am probably the only woman in the world that has a 27 year old daughter who likes Hannah Montana!

This one caught my eye because it was called the Disney Princess Chair. I think I'm a little too old for this one.

Finally, at Rooms To Go Kids, I found this one...

I know I will now need some sort of pad for it, but hopefully I can match up some material to the room and make it at a later date, like when I get a new sewing machine!

Tomorrow on to the paper storage search....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love Michaels

A.C. Moore has always been my choice of a craft store, but Michaels has always been so consumer friendly. For example, a few years ago I purchased my three Making Memory Embellishment centers. At first I told the cashier I was buying them for friends, and did they have to come in because we all had 50% off. No problem, we can ring you up for all three! HUH?? Wow, I was so impressed.

Then today, they made me so happy!

I tossed and turned all night, imagining the room with the pieces of Jetmax cubes I had already bought, and something bothered me, I thought maybe I had a lot more room than I originally thought. So, first thing this morning I remeasured and drew and thought and planned, and came up with the fact that I needed at least TEN more cubes!

So while my loving, darling, wonderful husband painstakingly painted over the dozens of bright blue stars I painted on the ceiling, I ran off to Michaels to shop! I had to buy them now, who knows when they will be 40% off again!! I got to the register and asked the girl if she knew when they were having 20% off entire order again. She said on April 25, but they did not compensate for items you already bought. Ohhhh, ok, it's a shame I didn't purchase these on Sunday, when I received the additional 20%. So the nice girl at the register said, "let me talk to my manager, afterall, you are buying 10 of them". After a quick discussion with her manager, she gave me the extra 20% off! A savings of another $45.00! When you are getting nickled and dimed trying to make your dream room, every penny helps!

No Holes in the Walls

We built this house we live in, mostly with our own hands. So when the girls moved into their own bedrooms at age 5 and 7, they had explicit rules from their father. NO HOLES IN THE WALLS! They hung posters and pictures with tape and for many years were so very careful, always asking permission. If a nail had to be put in, dad was consulted and he went in and did it very carefully.

Time went on, we redid their rooms when they got older, and the rules still held. Somehow they reached the teen years, and slowly, I started to notice a few new things hanging in the younger daughter's room. Not a lot, just a few things here, and a few things there. She is the one that has always been handy with a hammer and nails, so it wasn't a surprise that she stopped asking dad to hang things.

We always noticed when something new went up, and something old came down. I guess we just never noticed how many things she actually did have hanging up!

Until now.....

This was her room on Sunday, after my husband got finished spackling!

Holes of every size all over the place! In the ceiling where she hung up the Lego airplane she made, staples in the wall where she hung up toys in boxes she didn't want opened, holes from art work she purchased and hung up herself. Of course there were holes my husband had made and now questioned "why?" Holes from the corkboard wall, holes from the christmas lights he strung around her ceiling, and those many holes from the different electronics that had to be run around the room.

We had a laugh over his No Holes in the Walls statement of 20 years ago, I guess we both knew it was unrealistic to expect girls not to hang things up (although in her defense, my older daughter has hardly any holes in her walls!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is This The Right Thing?

Well we got a lot accomplished this weekend. I emptied her room of everything. Packed up her CDs and moved whatever books she left up into the library.

On Saturday we had a friend come over and help my husband carry the furniture downstairs. We have someone coming to look at it today.

I think that's when it hit me, was I doing the right thing? Our friend meant no harm in it, he was just teasing me when he said I couldn't wait to get her room, but I had already been thinking these thoughts.

I remember going to my mom's house with my daughters when they were younger, and for some reason we were downstairs where my bedroom and bathroom were, and looking around I was disheartened to see no signs that I grew up in those two rooms. (What teenage girl doesn't spend most of her time in front of the bathroom mirror?)

So here I am, in my daughter's totally empty room and I'm hearing my future grandchildren asking her "where did you sleep mommy?" Ok, she did tell me I'm never getting grandchildren, but you get what I mean. Am I telling her she can never come back? NO! Far from that, my daughters know they are always, always welcome here. I'm dismantling her room though, it's almost as if now she has no home to come back to. Well, at least in my mind that's what it is.

So there I stood, in her empty room, feeling all these things I didn't feel when the girls first moved out, basically because their bedrooms always stayed the same whether they were there or not. In a few more weeks this will no longer be called her room.

I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm going to post a little out of order here, tell you what I did today, and then during the week I will go back and show you the progress made this weekend.

Since January I have been checking ads over and over, waiting for Michaels to put the Jetmax Storage on sale.

Finally, today's sale was 40% off, and although I have been waiting for that elusive 50%, if you went there from 4 - 8 you received an additional 20% off your total order, INCLUDING sale items!


Of course I wasn't sure exactly what I needed! I stood in the aisle looking and thinking and trying to figure it all out. I came up with at least 8 pieces. Adding that to the 8 I already have, and I now have most of what I need!

I purchased three 3 drawer units, one 4 drawer, two 1 drawer file units (these I hadn't seen before) and two 1 drawer/1 open shelf units, I also purchased two packages of file holders and the carousel desk top storage that I had wanted for a long time. All said and done, I saved $160.00.

Today was a good day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No, I'm not wishing it was still winter. I'm talking about what's happening in my house now that I have started this process!

Because DD#1 and I have been storing things in the room, and DD#2 never really got it completely empty, I now need a place to put what I'm taking from the room. So upstairs to the attic library I'm heading. Only, there really isn't any room in there, so into the walk in closet up there that I never cleaned out. It's loaded with more scrap stuff, art supplies, toys, blankets, pillows, and everything else that doesn't have a home.

In order to fit into the closet, what I'm taking out of DD's room, I need to empty out this closet. So I started that, and brought things downstairs into my scrapcorner. Now I have things in there that weren't there before! While emptying DD's room, my corner is getting more crowded every minute! I also now have an old crib, playpen and bunk beds in my living room, along with old printers, dvd players and even a vcr!

In other words, the rest of my house is a disaster, but the room is almost empty!

The room before.........

and the room after............

Taking apart the bed the two of them built together was a little sad, but that's gone now, along with the shelves and all her books....

My battery died before I could get a picture of the room without the bed (some scrapper I am!)

Well I'm off to find a home for all this stuff in the rest of the house. A very successful 24 hours on the start of my new room!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catch Up

Some things have changed since October. My husband was able to give away the snake. My older daughter took her two cats and moved in with her boyfriend. The saddest thing was that while we were in Florida, our beautiful Paige passed away quietly in her sleep. What this means now is that we are a one cat, one dog, no children family. Amazing how fast that changed.

Our dear departed Paige

Last night we put DD#2's television out for the garbage. Today we took apart her bed. It's a bed she and my husband built together so disassembling it was a little bittersweet for both of us.

DH and DD#2 building her bed

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Omen

Miss Me??? So much has been going on, but first, do you think it's some kind of omen that the last post from me was October 14, 2010, and my daughter's wedding is on October 14, 2011?

Since that post, we continued to work on the family room/kitchen (pictures to come). Had Thanksgiving here, had Christmas here, had my daughter and her fiance stay for 3 weeks visit. We had a few family problems that needed our attention, and then we took off for two months decompressing in beautiful Downtown Delray Beach Florida. (my new profile picture was taken there, as you can see, alcohol and sunshine were the theme of the two months!). Came home to a wonderful birthday weekend for DD#1, and although yes, I'm working on DD#2's wedding and still scrapping, it's time to start emptying her room.

I would like to give her furniture away, so if anyone knows anyone that would like it or need it, let me know.