Friday, August 8, 2014

Three years later.....

I see it's been some time since I got on here. Much happened here and it will take some time to catch up. All of it good. The first thing I need to do is get the finished pictures on here of my very first "official" scrap room. I love it! Sometimes I spend hours just sitting in here doing nothing creative, which is not a good thing, but this space makes me so very happy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sorry, I know it's been awhile and you are waiting to see the final results. Well, I still don't have them! I have spent the last two weeks slowly moving things into the new room. It's been hard and I've had to move things more than once or twice. I would bring something in, go through it, organize, and drop it in a drawer, only to realize I wanted that drawer for something else!

I also realized that I really hated those little open spaces at the end of my cabinets, so YEP, went and bought even more cubes! Once again, the amazing people at Michael's gave me a discount on top of the 40% off.

My husband and I were talking one morning, about the fact that we will have a lot of formica left over, when the lightbulb went off in my head! I asked him what he thought about building me a desk/table to work on, and using the formica to cover the work surface. Well, he jumped at that. We ran to Home Depot where we got fancy shaped legs, and some more plywood, and by the next day I had a table built!

Right now it's upside down on the floor because he is painting the legs white for me, but pictures will be coming soon.

As of now, the room has been at a standstill. We are waiting for help in putting the formica down. I still can't move my paper in because it will just get in their way, also, I have about 10 cubes in my bedroom waiting to be moved into position, and filled.

Still have a long way to go. My daughter is coming in from New Mexico for a visit on June 16, that's two weeks from now, and I am determined to have the room together for her to see!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting there!

It's so close, but not complete yet! My husband has finished making the counter around the room.

I'm a little upset that we had to change it up somewhat. That's what happens when you make plans! That little bump in the floor is making him very nervous, so we moved the entire paper cabinet over about 18 inches. By doing that I lost my corner to sit in to work on the cricut.

While placing the Jetmax cubes where I thought they would go, I noticed a few things looking off. Now that I lost my cricut corner, the opposite end of that wall had a corner to sit and work on the printer, but it looked off center to me, so I decided to close that one up also.

Now the two large open spaces in the corners are gone, replaced by just a little opening, something I have to figure out over time, but meanwhile, I now was able to add 4 more cubes!

I moved my cubes around on the window wall so I had 2 on each side, making my area to sit and sew, just a little smaller.

All in all I'm happy with the placement of the cubes right now.

I now have a total of 34 Jetmax Cubes in my room!

My plastic paper holders came from Display Dynamics. I ordered 40 of them, 7 were broken or cracked. They wanted pictures of them as proof, which I found a little funny because really, have you ever tried to take a picture of a clear plastic thing?

I did it though, and am waiting for replacements. They also did not honor the price they quoted me on Facebook, so I am waiting for them to adjust that. I know I will love my plastic shelves, but dealing with them was a little tough. Emails went unanswered, and I had to push them to get any information, including the fact that they charged my credit card and took a very long time to get me the receipt.

Best of all, my window treatment arrived! I am going to hold off on pictures of it, (hint: if you study today's pictures you might just see a sneak peak) just remember that I do not like the view out the one window in this room. It's of the side of my neighbor's very dirty house, and decaying pool and yard.

I am slowly bringing things in, I know I will change my mind a dozen times before I settle on exactly where everything will be located.

Monday the formica arrives!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's New.

Hope your mother's day was a blast. Mine was the best! I got beautiful cards from my girls, my husband, and my future son-in-law even sent me a card! Made me cry! My gifts were perfect! DD#1 bought me a beautiful bouquet, and a box filled with beautiful scrap supplies! One thing was nicer than the next. It made me feel so good that she picked all this stuff out just for me, with thought, since she told me why she made certain purchases. I can't wait to visit her and check out this store. DD#2, she did a virtual bouquet online, then printed it in the lab she works in, had it framed, and shipped to me. On the bouquet is a beautiful note that tells how happy she is that I am taking her room for a scrap room, and that I deserve it, and that these flowers can hang on the wall forever and never die (I am paraphrasing here because I'm too lazy to get up and read what it actually says, lol) She made the bouquet in the colors of my room. It's DH's gift that meant the most. Three days of scrapping! LOL It started Friday afternoon, and I scrapped right up till the moment we left for dinner on Sunday. I actually had to convince him to go golfing on Sunday morning so I wouldn't feel guilty scrapping, and when I came downstairs for breakfast there was a beautiful floral piece sitting on the kitchen table for me. After dinner I came home and scrapped some more. I do love A Cherry On Top's weekend crops. I got a lot accomplished. I sat here scrapping and he worked in my room! He did little things, like touch ups, put moulding down, worked on my counters. We both made a lot of progress this last weekend!

Here is what I did all weekend....

Friday, May 6, 2011

NSD Crop at ACOT

Well I am taking the weekend off from working in my room. I had thought I could set my desk up in there and scrap, but my husband would like to continue doing the counter and I will just be in the way.

This is the point we are up to now...

The Jetmax cubes are not staying where you see them, they are just there for support and a measurement for the counter top height.

I am heading over to A Cherry On Top for their National Scrapbook Day weekend crop. For those that have never done it, it is wonderful! It's filled with games, and trivia, challenges and fast scraps, classes and some wonderful people. I get a lot done at these weekends, as long as I focus on the challenges! It gets my creative juices flowing and I try things I never would have thought of.

Have a wonderful mother's day, may your wishes come true.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"The Best Laid Plans....

of Mice and Men, often go astray". Which in my case means, no matter how carefully you plan the perfect scrap room, something can go wrong and there better be a Plan B. Of which I don't have one, YET!

For some reason my husband was standing in my room this morning looking and thinking. Very dangerous for me!

It seems he does not like the way I have the counters laid out. Not really that he has a problem with the counters, but with the floor, and the little problem we had, which we ignored.

Let me explain, when we ripped up the carpet in the room, we saw that one small area, right by the bedroom door, along the wall next to the door, was sunken. Not a problem, my husband researched it, got cement and started to build it up to meet the higher part. Not a problem so we thought. While doing that, he actually realized, the floor didn't sink, the part in front of the door came up, no amount of nails, screws, hamering or pounding would bring it down, which means the beams under the floor have warped to push it up like that. We are talking about an inch, maybe less.

Back to the cement, he leveled it out best he could, and when we laid the floor we put shims under it and gradually made it meet. It is a little soft under that part, but really, no one would ever step in that area.

Unfortunately, this is also the area where one part of my paper tower rests. Which brings us back to this morning, and my husband staring at my room. He does not think it's wise to put the paper tower there, we all know how heavy paper and books are, so we all know that basically, he's right. Unfortunately, that means I now lose my corner sitting area to work on the Cricut, my television will no longer be centered on the wall across from me, and I now have a "dead" corner, where nothing can be put, nor reached if I do put something there.

All of this is not a major problem, just a little blip on the plans that have to be changed, and they will, because better to have an off centered television than a crack in the floor!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


YAY! My floor is in! It warms the room up so much. Not heat wise, but in the feeling when I walk into it. I'm getting even more excited now that I am seeing my vision come to life.

I went with a wood look laminate finish by Mohawk. My husband and I put it down together. It was much easier to do then when we put the wood floor in downstairs. These pieces are about 6 inches by 4 foot and they kind of just click together!

We didn't waste any pieces and even had one box left over!

As soon as the floor was down my husband couldn't wait to start building the counter top. He got some brace pieces up, and we moved some cubes in, just to see how they look!

Meanwhile I am plugging away at organizing as much as I can so I can move in and start scrapping!