Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nate's fault!

DH is mad at Nate Berkus! Told me I have to stop watching him, I get too many ideas! The reason for this whole redo in the back of the house is really Nate's fault!! I was watching Oprah one day, and Nate was in a bedroom of a couple that he said was stuck in the 80's. I personally liked the way the bedroom looked, of course I did, as I was watching and they were showing the wallpaper and curtains, the curtain I had hanging in the back door was right next to the tv, and I thought OMG I have the same pattern on my curtains! I then looked around and realized, we hadn't done anything back there in 20 years!

As we were tearing down the wallpaper last week, they replayed part of this episode on Oprah's farewell to Nate. You could see the steam coming out of DH's ears! LOL

I think it's going to look great when it's done, it just takes us a long time to get it all together.

Need to pick out the paint tomorrow, and tonight the guy is coming to measure for blinds!

I know my primary goal this year was to get out of this scrap corner and into a real room. I'm still working on that. Don't want to overwhelm the man doing most of the work! Meanwhile, I'm going to keep watching Nate's new show for more ideas!

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