Thursday, July 22, 2010

The First Scrap Area

I guess I started out scrapping like most of you did, sitting at my kitchen table with whatever I could carry in from other parts of the house. I had things all over, in bags.....

Piled high on my dining room chairs.....

The drawers in my dining room hutch, usually used for holding things like candles and hardly used entertaining items, now held scrapping supplies stuffed in till they couldn't open!

Of course I had the requisite Iris Rolling Cart. Something I tried to keep in the basement. I would carry upstairs just the drawer up that I needed, but eventually it became a permanent fixture in my dining room.

I kept things on the shelves at the bottom of the basement stairs....

and on a big folding table I kept opened in the basement. Luckily the basement is not a finished basement, it's used for storage, so this mess didn't really bother anyone.

Meanwhile, the computer and printer were upstairs on the second floor, in a little alcove we have outside all the bedrooms, right at the top of the stairs. It was housed on a cheap desk we purchased at Staples. This was where I was scanning, printing, and doing all my journaling, so eventually I spread out up here also.

All said and done it was the worst of all situations and I'm not sure how I continued to scrap under these conditions, but I did, and eventually the running from the basement to the second floor back to the kitchen constantly over and over got to me, so I sat DH down and discussed what to do. It was decided we would make the computer desk a little more functional for me, and add some things to the corner to make it easier for me to scrap.
coming next....
The First Real Scrap Corner

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