Monday, August 2, 2010

First Scrap Corner

Hello Fellow Scrappers! Been awhile! A few things going on here, first DD#2 has me calling around looking for wedding venues, and second I have been searching my computer for pictures of my first official scrap corner! Only found one, yet I know I just saw a few of them!

Anyway, I moved upstairs to the little alcove outside the girls bedrooms. The desk was already there, I added one of those nut and bolt holders with the tiny drawers to the wall, it held the few little things I owned at the time. I had researched online and found that people were buying the metal cube sets at Target or Walmart and assembling them differently to make a paper holder, so I did that.

I then purchased a canned goods rack, the kind you put on the back of the pantry door, put that on the wall, and underneath that I had a drop down shelf. This gave me a place to actually do my scrapping since the desk had the desktop comuter, printer, and the racks with the paper on it, left me very little scrapping room. I was able to drop down the shelf when I was done, and that gave me in and out access to the area.

I also purchased baby wipes in clear plastic containers, used the wipes for work and used the containers as holders for all kinds of things.

I now had an official place to scrap!

coming next.... My Happy Place!

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