Friday, May 6, 2011

NSD Crop at ACOT

Well I am taking the weekend off from working in my room. I had thought I could set my desk up in there and scrap, but my husband would like to continue doing the counter and I will just be in the way.

This is the point we are up to now...

The Jetmax cubes are not staying where you see them, they are just there for support and a measurement for the counter top height.

I am heading over to A Cherry On Top for their National Scrapbook Day weekend crop. For those that have never done it, it is wonderful! It's filled with games, and trivia, challenges and fast scraps, classes and some wonderful people. I get a lot done at these weekends, as long as I focus on the challenges! It gets my creative juices flowing and I try things I never would have thought of.

Have a wonderful mother's day, may your wishes come true.

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