Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting there!

It's so close, but not complete yet! My husband has finished making the counter around the room.

I'm a little upset that we had to change it up somewhat. That's what happens when you make plans! That little bump in the floor is making him very nervous, so we moved the entire paper cabinet over about 18 inches. By doing that I lost my corner to sit in to work on the cricut.

While placing the Jetmax cubes where I thought they would go, I noticed a few things looking off. Now that I lost my cricut corner, the opposite end of that wall had a corner to sit and work on the printer, but it looked off center to me, so I decided to close that one up also.

Now the two large open spaces in the corners are gone, replaced by just a little opening, something I have to figure out over time, but meanwhile, I now was able to add 4 more cubes!

I moved my cubes around on the window wall so I had 2 on each side, making my area to sit and sew, just a little smaller.

All in all I'm happy with the placement of the cubes right now.

I now have a total of 34 Jetmax Cubes in my room!

My plastic paper holders came from Display Dynamics. I ordered 40 of them, 7 were broken or cracked. They wanted pictures of them as proof, which I found a little funny because really, have you ever tried to take a picture of a clear plastic thing?

I did it though, and am waiting for replacements. They also did not honor the price they quoted me on Facebook, so I am waiting for them to adjust that. I know I will love my plastic shelves, but dealing with them was a little tough. Emails went unanswered, and I had to push them to get any information, including the fact that they charged my credit card and took a very long time to get me the receipt.

Best of all, my window treatment arrived! I am going to hold off on pictures of it, (hint: if you study today's pictures you might just see a sneak peak) just remember that I do not like the view out the one window in this room. It's of the side of my neighbor's very dirty house, and decaying pool and yard.

I am slowly bringing things in, I know I will change my mind a dozen times before I settle on exactly where everything will be located.

Monday the formica arrives!!

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