Thursday, May 5, 2011

"The Best Laid Plans....

of Mice and Men, often go astray". Which in my case means, no matter how carefully you plan the perfect scrap room, something can go wrong and there better be a Plan B. Of which I don't have one, YET!

For some reason my husband was standing in my room this morning looking and thinking. Very dangerous for me!

It seems he does not like the way I have the counters laid out. Not really that he has a problem with the counters, but with the floor, and the little problem we had, which we ignored.

Let me explain, when we ripped up the carpet in the room, we saw that one small area, right by the bedroom door, along the wall next to the door, was sunken. Not a problem, my husband researched it, got cement and started to build it up to meet the higher part. Not a problem so we thought. While doing that, he actually realized, the floor didn't sink, the part in front of the door came up, no amount of nails, screws, hamering or pounding would bring it down, which means the beams under the floor have warped to push it up like that. We are talking about an inch, maybe less.

Back to the cement, he leveled it out best he could, and when we laid the floor we put shims under it and gradually made it meet. It is a little soft under that part, but really, no one would ever step in that area.

Unfortunately, this is also the area where one part of my paper tower rests. Which brings us back to this morning, and my husband staring at my room. He does not think it's wise to put the paper tower there, we all know how heavy paper and books are, so we all know that basically, he's right. Unfortunately, that means I now lose my corner sitting area to work on the Cricut, my television will no longer be centered on the wall across from me, and I now have a "dead" corner, where nothing can be put, nor reached if I do put something there.

All of this is not a major problem, just a little blip on the plans that have to be changed, and they will, because better to have an off centered television than a crack in the floor!

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