Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's New.

Hope your mother's day was a blast. Mine was the best! I got beautiful cards from my girls, my husband, and my future son-in-law even sent me a card! Made me cry! My gifts were perfect! DD#1 bought me a beautiful bouquet, and a box filled with beautiful scrap supplies! One thing was nicer than the next. It made me feel so good that she picked all this stuff out just for me, with thought, since she told me why she made certain purchases. I can't wait to visit her and check out this store. DD#2, she did a virtual bouquet online, then printed it in the lab she works in, had it framed, and shipped to me. On the bouquet is a beautiful note that tells how happy she is that I am taking her room for a scrap room, and that I deserve it, and that these flowers can hang on the wall forever and never die (I am paraphrasing here because I'm too lazy to get up and read what it actually says, lol) She made the bouquet in the colors of my room. It's DH's gift that meant the most. Three days of scrapping! LOL It started Friday afternoon, and I scrapped right up till the moment we left for dinner on Sunday. I actually had to convince him to go golfing on Sunday morning so I wouldn't feel guilty scrapping, and when I came downstairs for breakfast there was a beautiful floral piece sitting on the kitchen table for me. After dinner I came home and scrapped some more. I do love A Cherry On Top's weekend crops. I got a lot accomplished. I sat here scrapping and he worked in my room! He did little things, like touch ups, put moulding down, worked on my counters. We both made a lot of progress this last weekend!

Here is what I did all weekend....

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