Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little of this...A little of that

I have not stopped working on this room, it's a nonstop adventure! My husband thought it would be a good idea to move the Memory Making Embellishment Centers into the new room while there was nothing obstructing us. Only problem was, they were loaded to the gills! So in the midst of this mess, I started to take things down...

As with everything involving this room, it wasn't just a matter of removing the embellishments, it meant taking things off the shelf above it so that could be removed! Due to my husband's fear of things falling off the wall, he used the embellishment centers as a brace underneath the shelves that held my paper and books.

Now that meant I had to empty the shelves also! We are not talking about much room up here!!

At first it was an overwhelming feeling, where do you start? I just sat and stared for quite some time. Eventually I got up and moved, started by boxing the ribbon, then the embellishments, then realized, I might as well just leave the flowers around my desk so I can see what I have when it's time to put it all back.

Then I put all the paper from one shelf on the floor, when the center was taken down, I just moved the stuff from the other shelf onto it. Problem now was just what my husband thought, the shelves were starting to sag!

Meanwhile he decided to start putting together the paper storage unit he is building. While he did that I thought, why not save time and start organizing cardstock.

I guess you can imagine that disaster. Is it red or pink, is it blue or green, or maybe grey. How about orange, yellow, gold or even brown? Worst of all is WHITE! Is it white, or is it cream?

It took two days, but I cleaned it up, stored it back in the Cropper Hopper Holders, with scraps in the small ones with labels on front telling me what color is inside.

While concentrating on what color is what my husband decided to put up the embellishment centers. Now I know that two hangers on the back of an item can make it stronger, but do you know how hard it is to get that up on the wall, times three! Increase the problem by making the hooks on the back different on each one, including different heights on the same center! Paper had to wait as the two of us spend the next two hours attempting to get them up, centered, and level!

The end result was a little off center, but really, I'm just relieved to have it done!

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  1. i wasnt told about this (blog) but i found it. im suing for defamation of character to girl cat. she is an angel and has not done anything at all since living at matt's. infact she is currently sleeping soundly on her pizza box.