Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad Mother

My daughter will be home in about 3 weeks to visit, and I know she will not finish in her room. I'm wondering if it is wrong to actually sell her furniture and put her stuff in boxes till she can get to it? Is that like packing her up and pushing her out? Is it wrong to want her room this badly? I don't want her to feel I'm more interested in having my own space than having a place for her to stay. I love my girls, and of course they are welcome to stay here as long as they need. BUT REALLY!

I'm so ready to move on! Girl cat snuck past the screens somehow and once again stole a flower off my desk. My husband wants to know why I can't clean up, why do I leave everything out. He does not understand that once I take the layout apart, I'm never going to remember what I was thinking with it. I think I may actually order myself some of those boxes with the magnets. You know, the ones that keep your layouts together when you are not finished with them?

I'm really not happy scrapping here any longer, I guess I could clean it up a little better, that might help, but her room has been sitting empty for a year now. She has been home twice to visit. By next month she will have her wedding date picked, does that mean I can pack up her room?

Will doing this make me a bad mother?

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