Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Happy Place

Now, finally, to where I'm at now. I call it my Happy Place, and honestly, I love it! DH did an amazing job giving me exactly what I wanted, and for the most part, it worked. I say "worked" because, alas, I have outgrown it. Or, better said, my supplies have outgrown it!

When the girls outgrew their playroom in the attic, DH asked if I wanted to move up there. I thought about it briefly, but decided it was too far away from the hub of the family, and since the girls were now young adults, I did not want them thinking back and remembering that their mom was always locked away in the attic scrapping! I loved being close to them and all that was happening, so I decided to stay outside their rooms.

We got rid of everything that was in my corner to begin with and started fresh and new. Thank goodness for Michaels and their storage sales! Everything purchased at 40% and some things even with that special 50% coupon!

Here is a picture of the finished product:

Although the space looks big, it's the same 6ft wide by 5ft deep space I always had right at the top of our stairs.

The first wall on my left has 8 units (stacked two together) in various stages of 4 drawers, 3 drawers, and paper holders (under the desk)

On top of that DH cut plywood to be my "desk" all around in a U-shape. He put one shelf about 8 inches up, and on that I stacked plastic drawers which I labeled for easy identification.

My main work area has two Iris carts under it with tools and files in it, and two Making Memories Embellishment centers on the wall.

When I turn my chair to the right, I have two more drawer units another Making Memories Embellishment Center, and my printer.

To finish everything off, DH put shelves along the top, which hold more paper, scrapbooks finished and unfinished, boxes holding finished layouts not yet put in a book, and idea books and magazines.

I truly love my area, everything labeled and right at my fingertips!

coming next: Why I have to move!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! i love your craft room, everything looks so neat and tidy though ! LOL..
    thanks for sharing, hopefully one of these days i get my own craft room too!

  2. Juli, thanks! Check out today's post! LOL