Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I Have to Move!

Well, I'm kind of back on track here. Figured out the Kobo, really not too hard once you understand what you are doing. Spent some quality time with #1 last night shopping. Gotta grab those rare moments while I still can, and now I'm back in my corner. I'm supposed to be cleaning up so I can prepackage some layouts. My girlfriend and I are thinking of doing a weekend crop next weekend, if there is still room available, but this desk is such a mess, I am procrastinating! So here I am....

As I already mentioned, I love how my corner is put together, everything within reach, BUT I've run out of room! It's gotten so crowded here, and I have to keep the Cricut Expression in #2's room, bring it in here, and clear off room when I want to use it. Which, as you can imagine, means I hardly ever use it at all! It's too much work!

When I sit at my desk now, I'm actually reaching at a weird angle, because I can't fit with all the stuff on the floor!

I have upgraded my printer, something I wasn't going to do till I had room, but mine went and I couldn't see not getting the larger one now, except it doesn't fit!

Worse than running out of room I discovered something else that put me over the edge! For some time, I was losing things, finding things on the floor, out in the hallway, on the stairs, I just kept saying, I'm too cluttered, it's a mess! Then one day I came upstairs and found DD#1's girl cat (we call her "girl") sitting in the middle of my papers, when she saw me, she jumped and ran, and everything on my desk went flying in all directions!

For awhile, I kept moving things off, chasing her, but it didn't work, so I devised a way to put screens up blocking her. No good! It deters her most of the time, but she has found her way past them a few times.

Just this last week, I found DD#1's "boy" cat sitting inside the screens! (yes, we call him boy, both have real names, just this is what stuck).

Now understand, I've been here for years and my two well mannered felines do not come on my desk! Paige is too sweet and old, she just comes around my feet,

and Skylar, well, no better way to say it than he's just too fat! At just under 30lbs he's not jumping on anything!

So now, along with the clutter, I have cats getting in here, and these large screens right behind me. Most days now I turn around fast in my chair and crash into the screens, which sends them flying into the banister, or down the stairs.

Coming to my "Happy Place" just isn't making me happy anymore!

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