Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things are Happening!

Whew, things are happening at a nice speed now. Problem is I have too much on my mind! My daughter threw a monkey wrench into my life by telling me she is coming home to work on her wedding in June instead of August like I had thought. This means I have a lot on my plate, but I have a determined husband, and a big mess here, so I am continuing with the room.

Today we designed the unit to hold my paper. I had actually already designed it, so today we ran the numbers, figured the wood, the cuts, everything. Then headed out to Home Depot where a very patient young man spent quite some time making all the cuts we needed.

Next step is painting it.

The floor was ordered this morning. We went with a laminate meant to hold up under wheeling back and forth (me in my new chair).

This evening a friend came by to discuss the formica countertop. The decision was that my husband will actually build the countertop out of plywood, and then the two of then will cover it with formica. Sounds complicated to me, but he said it would be easy, and less costly this way. Besides, it's not a kitchen, it's my scraprooom, upstairs in my house, where except for pictures online, I will be the only person in the room, ever!


  1. Where did you get the impression I was coming home in August?
    It's a good thing you're my mom because you are such a cheeseball.

  2. I kinda thought you would be home after a summer session and before the fall session started, silly me! :)