Thursday, April 21, 2011

Googling my Fingers Off

Wow, I am spending more time on the computer, than working on my room. Good thing I have this amazing husband who is painting for me!

I had decided that I wanted the room a nice deep grass green. Then I would decorate with pink and purple. Make it look like a garden. Also, since the room was originally green, the younger daughter's favorite color, I would keep it in a color she liked and add her older sister's favorite color, purple.

I picked out what I thought was a nice deep green. My husband started to paint and the first thing I noticed was that my daughter's room was not really green before!

(color in picture is a little off)

Her paint was custom made to match her wallpaper and bedding, and for years we said she had a green room, but now I was really making it green!

When the first coat dried, it was a little bit startling at first, but I liked it. My husband on the other hand, did not!

Even though he will never step foot in this room, I decided to go a little darker. Off to Home Depot, where the young man there added something to the paint and made it a shade darker. Which takes us to now, with my husband upstairs painting the room a darker shade on the second coat.

Back to Google and what I have been doing for the last two days! RESEARCHING desks, chairs, paper storage and my last important thing, something for my window.

I saved so many pictures of scraprooms I liked and a lot of them had some beautiful desks in them.

While researching I knew I wanted something in white, and something with nice legs. I found these two desks at Pottery Barn Teens.

Loved them both! Unfortunately, at around $400 each for a 4ft x 2ft desk, I couldn't bring myself to ordering one of them. After talking with my husband a light bulb went off in my head. I had asked him if we saved my old kitchen table, I liked the shape of it, and maybe he could just add legs. We didn't save it. That's when I decided to do a search on kitchen tables, and came up with this one that I ordered from Walmart!

It got a lot of rave reviews, and a lot of people actually used it in Craft Rooms.

Next the search was on for the perfect chair. Do you know they do not make many white office chairs? I found one by, Kathy Ireland, again another item at $400.00 I thought it was a little too much, besides the color of the material was all wrong. Then I found these on Pottery Barn Teens.

These chairs are all around $300.00, not sure they look all that comfortable for the amount of time I will be spending in it!

Somehow I landed on Rooms To Go Kids and found these chairs. The first one, I only paid attention to because it was called the Hannah Montana chair, and I am probably the only woman in the world that has a 27 year old daughter who likes Hannah Montana!

This one caught my eye because it was called the Disney Princess Chair. I think I'm a little too old for this one.

Finally, at Rooms To Go Kids, I found this one...

I know I will now need some sort of pad for it, but hopefully I can match up some material to the room and make it at a later date, like when I get a new sewing machine!

Tomorrow on to the paper storage search....

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