Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm going to post a little out of order here, tell you what I did today, and then during the week I will go back and show you the progress made this weekend.

Since January I have been checking ads over and over, waiting for Michaels to put the Jetmax Storage on sale.

Finally, today's sale was 40% off, and although I have been waiting for that elusive 50%, if you went there from 4 - 8 you received an additional 20% off your total order, INCLUDING sale items!


Of course I wasn't sure exactly what I needed! I stood in the aisle looking and thinking and trying to figure it all out. I came up with at least 8 pieces. Adding that to the 8 I already have, and I now have most of what I need!

I purchased three 3 drawer units, one 4 drawer, two 1 drawer file units (these I hadn't seen before) and two 1 drawer/1 open shelf units, I also purchased two packages of file holders and the carousel desk top storage that I had wanted for a long time. All said and done, I saved $160.00.

Today was a good day!

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