Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving Along

Happy Easter/Happy Passover, we celebrate both here, to some extent.

I think I've solved the chair issue. Although I still can't find one in white I am going to order this one from officechairs.com.

Don't get nervous, not in that print! They actually have a nice shade of pink and they even sent me a sample of it!

For the years I have been planning this room, paper storage has been my main issue! I hate the way I have it now, I ruin pages and find it hard and heavy to lift it. My patterned paper is lying flat in the Jetmax Paper Cubes from Michaels. My cardstock is in the plastic holders from Cropper Hopper. The plastic storage does not stand upright for me and keeps falling over. The cube holds so much paper in one section I spend an hour just looking for something.

In my research I had come across Amanda's Scraproom many times...

In her room Amanda says her dad made her paper storage, which sent my mind reeling.

Finally I came across Display Dynamics, http://www.displaydynamics.net/mobile/index.html. What a great site! They have paper storage systems, shelves, anything you can think of!

I decided to order just the stackable shelves, forty of them, they come in cartons of 10 each. My husband will then build a cabinet around it, which of course, I have already designed!

I signed up on Display Dynamics Facebook page and was thrilled to see how responsive they were to questions from customers. After questioning them, they gave me a great buy on the 4 cartons I am ordering, and also some drawer dividers. They were very helpful and I hope to do business with them in the future!


  1. How about this chair:

  2. WHERE in the world did you find that???? I SOOO would have ordered it! LOL