Monday, April 11, 2011

An Omen

Miss Me??? So much has been going on, but first, do you think it's some kind of omen that the last post from me was October 14, 2010, and my daughter's wedding is on October 14, 2011?

Since that post, we continued to work on the family room/kitchen (pictures to come). Had Thanksgiving here, had Christmas here, had my daughter and her fiance stay for 3 weeks visit. We had a few family problems that needed our attention, and then we took off for two months decompressing in beautiful Downtown Delray Beach Florida. (my new profile picture was taken there, as you can see, alcohol and sunshine were the theme of the two months!). Came home to a wonderful birthday weekend for DD#1, and although yes, I'm working on DD#2's wedding and still scrapping, it's time to start emptying her room.

I would like to give her furniture away, so if anyone knows anyone that would like it or need it, let me know.

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