Monday, April 18, 2011

Is This The Right Thing?

Well we got a lot accomplished this weekend. I emptied her room of everything. Packed up her CDs and moved whatever books she left up into the library.

On Saturday we had a friend come over and help my husband carry the furniture downstairs. We have someone coming to look at it today.

I think that's when it hit me, was I doing the right thing? Our friend meant no harm in it, he was just teasing me when he said I couldn't wait to get her room, but I had already been thinking these thoughts.

I remember going to my mom's house with my daughters when they were younger, and for some reason we were downstairs where my bedroom and bathroom were, and looking around I was disheartened to see no signs that I grew up in those two rooms. (What teenage girl doesn't spend most of her time in front of the bathroom mirror?)

So here I am, in my daughter's totally empty room and I'm hearing my future grandchildren asking her "where did you sleep mommy?" Ok, she did tell me I'm never getting grandchildren, but you get what I mean. Am I telling her she can never come back? NO! Far from that, my daughters know they are always, always welcome here. I'm dismantling her room though, it's almost as if now she has no home to come back to. Well, at least in my mind that's what it is.

So there I stood, in her empty room, feeling all these things I didn't feel when the girls first moved out, basically because their bedrooms always stayed the same whether they were there or not. In a few more weeks this will no longer be called her room.

I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

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