Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love Michaels

A.C. Moore has always been my choice of a craft store, but Michaels has always been so consumer friendly. For example, a few years ago I purchased my three Making Memory Embellishment centers. At first I told the cashier I was buying them for friends, and did they have to come in because we all had 50% off. No problem, we can ring you up for all three! HUH?? Wow, I was so impressed.

Then today, they made me so happy!

I tossed and turned all night, imagining the room with the pieces of Jetmax cubes I had already bought, and something bothered me, I thought maybe I had a lot more room than I originally thought. So, first thing this morning I remeasured and drew and thought and planned, and came up with the fact that I needed at least TEN more cubes!

So while my loving, darling, wonderful husband painstakingly painted over the dozens of bright blue stars I painted on the ceiling, I ran off to Michaels to shop! I had to buy them now, who knows when they will be 40% off again!! I got to the register and asked the girl if she knew when they were having 20% off entire order again. She said on April 25, but they did not compensate for items you already bought. Ohhhh, ok, it's a shame I didn't purchase these on Sunday, when I received the additional 20%. So the nice girl at the register said, "let me talk to my manager, afterall, you are buying 10 of them". After a quick discussion with her manager, she gave me the extra 20% off! A savings of another $45.00! When you are getting nickled and dimed trying to make your dream room, every penny helps!

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