Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No, I'm not wishing it was still winter. I'm talking about what's happening in my house now that I have started this process!

Because DD#1 and I have been storing things in the room, and DD#2 never really got it completely empty, I now need a place to put what I'm taking from the room. So upstairs to the attic library I'm heading. Only, there really isn't any room in there, so into the walk in closet up there that I never cleaned out. It's loaded with more scrap stuff, art supplies, toys, blankets, pillows, and everything else that doesn't have a home.

In order to fit into the closet, what I'm taking out of DD's room, I need to empty out this closet. So I started that, and brought things downstairs into my scrapcorner. Now I have things in there that weren't there before! While emptying DD's room, my corner is getting more crowded every minute! I also now have an old crib, playpen and bunk beds in my living room, along with old printers, dvd players and even a vcr!

In other words, the rest of my house is a disaster, but the room is almost empty!

The room before.........

and the room after............

Taking apart the bed the two of them built together was a little sad, but that's gone now, along with the shelves and all her books....

My battery died before I could get a picture of the room without the bed (some scrapper I am!)

Well I'm off to find a home for all this stuff in the rest of the house. A very successful 24 hours on the start of my new room!

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